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If you are ready to list your home in today's ever-changing Montgomery County, PA, including parts of Bucks and Philadelphia Counties real estate market, then you require every successful marketing tool available to sell your home in the shortest amount of time and for the most amount of money. When you request to list your property with Marion Freedman/RE/MAX Services, you will receive a comprehensive market analysis based on comparable recently sold listings and properties sold with similar features and conditions in your specific area. Once you receive the comprehensive market analysis, Marion Freedman/RE/MAX Services will work with you to determine the best price for your property in an effort to sell it as quickly as possible and in the most profitable way. Use the form below to request your FREE Seller's Guide.

Things To Consider When Selling Your Home

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The information you provide will enable Marion Freedman/RE/MAX Services to begin the comparative market analysis. In order to complete the analysis, we will contact you to learn more about your property.

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Please note, we understand the importance of protecting your contact information. Our team will never share or sell your private contact information with a third party. By giving us your phone number and email address, you are giving us permission to contact you via email or phone. Click here to view our privacy policy. Your privacy is our primary concern.

You only get one opportunity to make a good impression, so you want to make it count. By following these guidelines, you’ll enhance the attractiveness of your Upper Dublin and surrounding area property and reduce the time it takes to generate serious offers. Less is More, Clutter makes a poor impression. In closets, cabinets, kitchen countertops and other storage areas like basements, remove anything not needed for daily housekeeping.

Buyers Want a Well Maintained Home

To make each room in your property look larger, get rid of or donate unnecessary furniture. Walk through your property and think: “Less is more.” Repairs Make sure everything is in good working order. Dripping faucets, squeaky steps and loose doorknobs can easily create a bad impression and reduce the value of your property. A few hours spent on repairs, whether by yourself or a tradesman, can pay big dividends when an offer is made. If you need the names of local vendors who service Ambler, Dresher and Fort Washington and the surrounding areas, just give me a call and I am happy to share my vendors names with you for plumbers, roofers, power washing, carpet cleaning and more... Little Things Count - It’s easy to improve the appearance of any room. You may want to replace worn rugs or small pillows, put new towels in the bathroom or brighten up a room with a vase of flowers. Pull Together Get all the members of your household to pull together when it comes to getting – and keeping – your property ready to view. By getting everyone into the habit of spending a few minutes tidying up every morning for an afternoon showing, you improve your chances considerably.

Make it Sparkle

First Impressions How your property appears from the outside is important. To make a good first impression on a buyer, a clean driveway, a freshly mown lawn or a trimmed hedge will work wonders. Do a critical inspection of the exterior of your property, paying special attention to the condition of your windows, shutters, screens and gutters. One of the first things a buyer will notice is the need for painting. If your property looks like it needs painting, many buyers will form an unfavorable impression. Elsewhere, little things count.Make sure the front door is spotless, including the doorknob, and that the windows gleam. Cleanliness Counts Once inside your property, one of the key factors that influences its appeal to a buyer is cleanliness. Most important is front hallway, the kitchen and the bathrooms. Do a room-by-room cleaning, and don’t forget any out-of-sight areas because that’s often where a discriminating buyer will look first. The state of the carpets can also be a determining factor. At the very least, have your carpets cleaned, and if they are worn, it’s wise to replace them, or remove them if there is hardwood underneath. I can help you maximise the value of your Upper Dublin home, because I know what today's buyers are looking for in a new home.

First in Show

Scheduling the Showing Coordination is the key to selling your Upper Dublin and the surrounding area home. Before a sales associate from our Company, or a cooperating broker shows or previews your property, our Showing Appointment Coordinator will contact you to schedule an appointment. You will then be notified of the timing, and, if it’s acceptable, the appointment will be confirmed. If you can’t be reached, the showing will proceed on the understanding that you wouldn’t want to miss any chances for interested buyers to view your property. Timing Ordinarily, you’ll get plenty of notice about an appointment request. Some buyers, however, may ask to see your property as soon as possible. In such cases, a showing could take place within an hour or so. If a buyer requests a change to the timing of a scheduled showing, you’ll be given as much notice as possible. Special Instructions Any special instructions you may have given to your listing agent, such as information on pets, parking or security, will be listed in your property file and thoroughly explained to the sales associate who requested the showing. The Showing If you’re not on hand during a showing, the sales associate will use the property’s lock box to enter. If you’re available, sales associates will introduce themselves and give you a business card. Privacy The fewer people around during a showing, the better. It’s also a good rule to let the buyer roam freely and discuss the property with the sales associate without interruption. A properly briefed sales associate will know the buyer’s needs and will be able to point out the features that meet the requirements. Contact Information If you’re not going to be available to approve an appointment request, it’s important to notify your sales associate. By leaving a telephone number where you can be contacted, you can be notified immediately about an offer. Previews Occasionally, sales associates may schedule an appointment to view your property without a buyer. By familiarizing themselves with what’s on the market, they will be an excellent position to alert a buyer to a property that fits the bill. Unscheduled Appointments Ask any people who show up to view your property without an appointment to telephone the listing agent to request a showing. Even if the person identifies himself or herself as a licensed sales associate, an appointment request must be made first through your Realtor®.

By giving us your phone number and email address, you are giving Marion Freedman permission to contact you via email or phone.